THESE GROWING PAINS| Store relaunch, delays are DONE and news!


These growing pains!

We had a bad case of the terrible twos. This year seemed to be held to the laws of Murphy, anything that could go wrong, did. With a clearer head + successful debut of our summer campaigns, we knew without taking the leap and expanding our tiny operation more than 400% we’d never be able to keep the supply up with the demand in a timely fashion.

Well, we’ve done it now! And just in time for the holidays!
We’ve sent out the last of our delayed orders this weekend and optimized our store to reflect more accurate availability + help serve you better!


We have a new section: READY-TO-WEAR
“I want it NOW!” And so it shall be!

We launched a collection of items which are in stock and ready to ship within 3 business days . We’ve even introduced several new, unique color palettes such as CANTALOUPE, WATERMELON + BLUEBERRIES ‘N CREAM for your consumption. Expect new pieces to be added to RTW throughout the holiday season!

We haven’t neglected our made to order sections, either. We’ve released several new styles in a brand new section called NEW ITEMS, to make it easier to keep up with all of our new pieces.

And we’re having a sale!
Take advantage of us and save 15% on ALL of our collections until Dec 1st!

With dedicated customer service and production assistance to serve you more efficiently, we can now guarantee a 4-5 week waiting period for our made to order items, given colors requested are in stock.

Thank you for your love.

We fucking love you back!

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